The start date for our next small group study, “Treasures of the Transformed Life,” by John Ed Mathison, will be Sunday, October 8th. Books for the class are available at the church office or from Kim Dixon and are $10 each.  Plan to continue with your small group or volunteer to start a new group.  No matter how good life is, most Christians thirst for something more. Although we are people of faith, many of us aren’t satisfied. We long for lives that are more fulfilling, richer, more meaningful and more joyful. Without resorting to “have-tos,” “should,” or “thou shalts,” this study will help us identify our individual thirsts and show us how to experience more than we could ask for or imagine. We will discover the freedom, promise and rewards that come with committing ourselves to a closer relationship with God through the treasures of prayer, presence, gifts, and service.  Child care is provided for the Wednesday and Sunday evening groups.