Covid19 Updates

Steps to Gathering Together 

Phase 1 – Gathering in Homes (Start as soon as 5/17)

  • As we phase we back into meeting together, step one would be to gather together in small settings in a home or outside. This allows us to maintain the guidelines set forth by our bishop and governor while reuniting together in fellowship until we can gather again at the church.
    • Gather as a Sunday School Class, Small Group, or Neighborhood Group at someones home. 
    • These are recommendations that we are offering. Please feel free to worship as you and your family are comfortable. 


      • How to Host 
        • Stay small (No more than 10)
        • Maintain social distancing by spreading out or meeting outside
        • Keep sanitizer available 
        • Bring your own coffee or snacks  
        • Spend time fellowshipping 
        • Remind everyone that children are not a burden
        • Have some quiet activity for children if needed
        • Be flexible 
        • Have fun


      • Flow of the Gathering 
        • (*These can be rearranged to suit your groups needs/desires)
        • Fellowship (10 minutes)
          • Spend time catching up and conversing together 
        • Prayer (10 minutes)
          • Spend time praying and worshipping together by sharing prayer requests or praises
            • “Does anyone have any praises, prayer requests, words from the Lord, or sins to confess?”
          • If sharing a meal, combine this with the meal time
        • Gathering for Worship (45 minutes)
          • Spend time gathering to participate in the worship service recorded by Pine Forest. 
            • This will be on Facebook or Youtube Live at 11 o’clock. It can be watched later though if you would like to meet at a different time. 
        • Group Dialogue or Prayer (25 Minutes)
          • Spend time discussing the worship service or praying together 
        • Group clean up (10 minutes
          • Share the load of cleaning and sanitizing. This can become a great time of fellowship and service

Phase 2 – Gathering in at Pine Forest (Starting 6/28) 

Two services 9:00 and 11:00

The 9:00 will be in the fellowship hall overflow will meet in the Sanctuary.

The 11:00 will meet in the Sanctuary with overflow in the fellowship hall.

We are going to ask you to register for which service you are going to attend by calling the church office.  To follow CDC guidelines, we will have limited seating available in each service, so this will help us adequately prepare.

What to expect:

  1. Worship will continue to be offered online for those who feel they are not yet ready to worship corporately at this time.  However, we do recommend when you are comfortable to possible worship together in someone’s home. 
  2. It is highly recommended that you continue to worship from home at this time if you are immune-compromised.  Please remember that if you or anyone in your house are not feeling well, please join us for worship through our online worship service.
  3. To provide the safest possible environment, we will not hand out bulletins, and all hymnals and bibles will be pulled from the pews. 
  4. We will not be passing an offering plate. However, there will be boxes available for you to drop your offering at the end of the service. 
  5. Because it is difficult to provide a safe, social distancing environment in the children’s department, neither nursery nor children’s church will be available until school is back in session. 
  6. Sunday schools will not begin in house meeting in this phase. 
  7. Between the services, both the Sanctuary and the fellowship hall will be disinfected.  
  8. While we will continue to join together singing hymns, the choir will not be in the choir loft at this time. 
  9. Seating in both the fellowship hall and Sanctuary will be marked. 
  10. Users /greeters will be available for directing you to the next available seats for both services and will help to dismiss you.  Ushers/greeters are going to be asked to wear a mask.  
  11. At this time, we are going to continue to ask you to social distance from each other, which includes not shaking hands or hugging necks.  
  12. Neither the coffee nor the food stations will be available. 
  13. To enter the 9:00, we are asking you to come through the portico doors.  We will dismiss you either through those doors or through the playground depending on where you are sitting. 
  14. To enter the 11:00, we are asking you to enter the door at the front of the church.  We will dismiss from that door and the door side door.  

Phase three – Children and youth activities and Sunday Schools –  we will announce how this will look at a later time.