Student Medical Release for Music & Mission Trip

 Adult Medical Release for Music & Mission Trip

“Music can tobellsuch the deepest part of our souls. When we hunger for God, music can lead us into worship. When we try to hide from Him, music can melt the walls we have built up around us.”

 The Music Ministry exists for several reasons but the primary is to lead others in worship of the Everlasting and Eternal God! It is a joy, privilege and awesome responsibility to lead worship through music. We also want to provide music training, discipleship and fellowship through our various groups. This is possible from the youngest in our graded children’s choirs up through the most mature of our Golden Notes as we learn about music, worship, hymnody, and God’s Word. There are a multitude of opportunities awaiting you and your family to use your gifts for the Lord at Pine Forest.We have three morning worship services each Sunday and our musical heritage is evident! Whether you enjoy the traditional worship at 8:45 and 11:00 with hymns accompanied by our organ and piano, or the contemporary flair of the Gathering at 9:00 with the praise band, music is an integral part of all three. The Chancel Choir sings each week at 11:00 and our other choirs are featured on a regular basis in worship.

 Adult Vocal Choirs

Chancel Choir

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Wed. 6:45-8:15 PM Age: adults

If you have a passion for worship and desire to help to lead the church in praise, please join the Chancel Choir! Chancel Choir is open to any interested singer, college age or older, without audition. These fine singers lead in worship each week at our 11:00 service as well as presenting 2 musicals each year (Spring and Christmas). Membership is open enrollment year around and rehearsals are in the choir room, adjacent to the sanctuary on the 2nd floor.

Golden Notes

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Wed. 1:30-2:15 PM Age: 55 and better

This group is for any mature adults who enjoy singing gentle tunes and great fellowship! Each month (the 3rd Sunday) they sing for our 8:45 service as well as monthly at a local nursing facility. Rehearsals are easily accessible in the Fellowship Hall.

Adult Praise Band

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Thursdays 7:00PM  

This ensemble provides leadership each week to our 9:00 Gathering praise and worship time with guitars, drums, keyboard and other rhythm instruments as well as voices. Openings are by audition only.

Adult Instrumental

If you play an instrument and would be willing to play in a small group for a musical or even as a soloist on Sunday morning, we want you to use that gift! There are several ways we can incorporate your music into our worship services. For information on any of these music opportunities, please email me at or call Mary at the church at 272-2441.

Handbell Choirs

Children’s Handbells

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Sundays 6:00-6:45 PM Age: grades 2-5

Basic Handbells experience on the elementary level! Children meet each week to learn note reading, basic music theory and simple handbell techniques as well as preparing occasional performances.

Youth Handbells

Director: Kathy Boles Rehearsals: Wed. 6:00-7:00 PM Age: Grades 6-12

This talented and dedicated group of youth have far exceeded any expectations in the short time their choir has been in existence! They ring monthly in worship as well as seasonal programs.

Adult Handbells

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Tues. 7:30-8:30PM

Music reading is a must for this group due to the difficulty of the music. The adult handbell choir rings monthly in worship as well as at community functions and handbell festivals. For information on any of these music opportunities, please email me at or call me at the church at 272-2441. All rehearsals are held in the handbell room, adjacent to the main church entrance.

When does worship begin? Babies and young children begin to instinctively imitate what they see and hear–they literally grab on to the songs of joyful praise with such contagious innocence! We have just the right place for your child to join in as we make a joyful noise….



Youth Choir

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Sundays 4:30-5:30 Grades 6-12

Passionate worship honors God and gives Him standing ovations from our hearts– If you want to be involved in a ministry that impacts our church, community and even the world, join us! Seeking to engage students in a lifestyle of worship, music and ministry to others, there is a variety of activities for our youth to choose from. Each summer they have the opportunity to participate in a music and mission trip at the end of the school year. We have traveled to:  St. Louis, Missouri; New Orleans, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Ohio; Boston, Mass; Dallas, Texas; Pittsburgh and Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Hayesville, North Carolina.

Children’s Choir

Director: Mary Crowson Rehearsals: Wednesdays 5:00-5:45PM

Children in grades 1-5 meet each week for fun, learning fundamentals of music and singing plus the opportunity to perform regularly in worship (and 2 musicals!) each school year. From 6:15-7:30, kids have the opportunity to learn through devotions and special interest groups following our Wednesday night family meal, served from 5:30-6:15.

Come join us this week! For information on any of these music opportunities, please email me or call me at the church at 272-2441.