We are a church of 800+ members, located in the heart of central Georgia. 

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Join us as we journey through life as a community of faith!

What Should I Expect?

Pine Forest is a church family that is warm and inviting without being pushy.  Many folks who wind up becoming members are heard to say “it felt like home.”  We have the advantages of offering a wide variety of programs and three distinct worship services but small enough that you can find your own niche and the pastoral staff can know your name—a nice mixture in today’s hustle/bustle world where people have their nose buried in a cell phone and find updates for friends through social media.   Which Worship Service is right for me? Try one (or all three), but here’s what you you will find on any given Sunday:   8:45 Traditional Worship is comparable to a small-town or rural congregation.  There are hymns accompanied by the organ, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed;  The average attendance is about 60. 9:00 Gathering is led by our praise band singing a mixture of upbeat contemporary and remixed hymns, children’s church, coffee with pastries and fruit available (we know what it’s like trying to get out the door on Sunday) and a message from our Sr. Pastor, Wes Moye. Average attendance is about 130. 11:00 Traditional Worship has hymns accompanied by the organ, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, adding in a children’s sermon and adult choir along with a sermon from Rev. Wes Moye.  Average attendance is about 130. All our  program staff, Sunday School teachers, nursery workers and youth counselors are Safe Sanctuary trained, a program within the United Methodist Church to insure the safety of your children.  At the 9:00 and 11:00 services, children’s church is available...

Indian River Citrus

The annual fruit sale to benefit our Youth summer programming is underway!  Indian River fruit is some of the most delicious in the world—our orders are picked and delivered to Dublin within a matter of just a few days.  Don’t miss out:  you can order through the church office by paying with cash or check payable to PFUMC. The following are available in 20lb boxes for $20   OR   40lb boxes for $30 Pink Grapefruit Hamlin (Juice) Oranges Navel (Seedless) Oranges Tangelos  20lbs too much?  Try the Personal Size (10 lb) Pink Grapefruit OR Navel Oranges $15 MIXED BOXES Pink Grapefruit and Navels $25 Pink Grapefruit, Navels and Red Delicious Apples $25 Pink Grapefruit, Navels and Pears...