A Place to Worship

We believe our faith grows best in community. Worship at Pine Forest United Methodist Church focuses on our need to honor, hear and follow God. With reverence and warmth, we listen for God’s leadership and give thanks for God’s care. If you are seeking a place where your mind, heart and soul can be fed, we invite you to join us for worship.

A Place to Serve

Our faith calls us to follow the model of Jesus, and that leads us to serve others. We believe that our care for others is a central way of sharing God’s love with the world. Pine Forest UMC offers opportunities to serve in our community, our nation and in specific global partnerships. Together with God’s presence, we can make a real difference in our world.

A Place to Grow

Because we never fully understand God and faith, the journey of faith is lifelong. To grow in faith we need discipline, challenge and the support of a loving community. Pine Forest UMC offers ministries for all ages that encourage growth, service and build community. There’s a place for you to grow at Pine Forest United Methodist Church.

A Place to Connect

We believe that faith is at its core a relational act – between God and persons, and person to person. Faith is strongest when it is connected to others. That’s why Pine Forest United Methodist Church promotes connections between our members and our community. As we serve, we serve together. As we worship, we worship together.

"Come join our community of faith as we together journey through life."

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